In case you don't know me, I'm Drenda!

I’m a passionate follower of Jesus, TV host, business owner with my wonderful husband, Gary, mom to five amazing children, grandmama to ten beautiful grandbabies, founder of The Happy Life, author, and pastor in Columbus, Ohio. I love adventure, spending time with my family, and seeing lives and families changed through hope in Jesus Christ! On the journey of life, things can get busy and messy, but I’ve learned to laugh in the tough times, trust God, and have fun.

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Monday’s Episode

Do you struggle with thinking negative thoughts? Satan wants to control you, and he starts with your thoughts. Join Drenda Keesee as she shares a message about how the culture manipulates your emotions, the influence of friends on your beliefs, and how not to be self-conscious but to be God-conscious.

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Tuesday’s Episode

Are you frustrated with your marriage? Join Drenda Keesee alongside her husband, Gary, as they discuss how to succeed in doing life together. They share the story and struggles of their 100-mile bike ride, the power of partnership, and how not to quit in your marriage.

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Wednesday’s Episode

Are you feeling discouraged? Are you looking for purpose? God has an incredible destiny for you, you just need to ask Him! Join Gary and Drenda Keesee as they share how to find real happiness, how to give back to others to transform your life.

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Thursday’s Episode

Are you wondering what your purpose is? Do you want to make an impact? Join Gary and Drenda Keesee as they share stories from their mission trips, how to make a difference, and how to demonstrate the Kingdom of God to others.

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Friday’s Episode

Are you looking for answers? God has your answers; you just need to learn how His Kingdom operates! Join Drenda and Gary Keesee as they share incredible stories of how the Kingdom has changed lives and how to get direction and experience the Kingdom in your life.

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The best way to grow and mature in our gifts and abilities is to touch others! “Give, and it shall be given unto you” is the key Jesus gave us to receive what we desire. I know what you may be thinking. I give out to everyone constantly! That’s the problem! We have answers! When we learn the balance of receiving from God and sharing life with others, true happiness can begin. At The Happy Life, we will help you find that balance and success principles that work!


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