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  • Tandem Bike, Part 1
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    You Can!

    • You Can 2 DVD Series
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    “God is our provision. He is our answer. But man wants to try—woman wants to try—to keep looking for some other way.” —Drenda Keesee, Tandem
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    • Tandem Bike, Part 2
    • Today’s Drenda Show Offer:
      You Can!

      • You Can 2 DVD Series
      • You Can Booklet
      “Some of you have had some setups, where the enemy has tried to talk you off of what God told you. Some of you have had some setbacks, and you’ve lost momentum. You’ve GOT to get over those things. You CANNOT settle.”—Drenda Keesee, Tandem
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    • Ready To Rise Part 1
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      Ready to Rise – CD/DVD Combo

      Join Drenda for this candid, power-packed teaching that clearly illustrates how easily you can accumulate sandbags-behaviors, insecurities, and sins-and the crippling effects they can have on your life as they weigh you down and prevent you from rising to your full potential in God.

      Discover how you can release those weights, take control of your life, and rekindle your dreams!

      “If we quit being envious and jealous and start encouraging others, we can become what we’re called to be and truly rise to our place in God.” — Drenda Keesee, Ready to Rise
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    • Renew Your Mind
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      Better Than You Think Book with CD

      • Better Than You Think Book – Drenda Keesee
      • Better Than You Think Scripture CD
      “Become God-conscious, not self-conscious. When you’re focused on your past and your failures, you’re going to just keep repeating them. Aren’t you through with that cycle?” — Drenda Keesee, Renew Your Mind
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      drenda-outreach-circlePartnership is the joining of people together toward a common vision. When you join your prayers, resources and passion with others who have the same desire to make a difference, we become an unstoppable force. We at Drenda Keesee Ministries are determined to help people live a different kind of life, full of meaning, purpose and are committed to bringing real answers for everyday life. If you have a heart to see people reach their potential, to rebuild the families in our nation, and to reach those who have been forgotten, then we ask you to consider partnering with us to do just that.

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      We are a movement who have hearts to pursue more of what matters for our lives, and to share this with others. We glorify God and enjoy His presence. Our hearts are to rescue people because we have been rescued. Because Jesus is our hero, we awaken the heroes within us and reach out to the hurt, lost, lonely, addicted, abused, sick, heartbroken and broke to put them in front of Jesus to be made whole.

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