How to Win the Mental Battle

Your thoughts are powerful. What you spend your time thinking about will grow! That’s why it is so important to be aware of what you allow yourself to focus on.  Your thoughts are incredibly influential on the direction your life will take. If you spend time thinking about the things of God and being focused […]

What to Leave Behind in 2019

January 1st has been labeled as the day to start fresh, and to get back on track in life physically, emotionally, and financially.  Every New Year, we write out New Year’s resolutions, most of which we ditch or compromise a month in—which isn’t a bad thing. New Year’s resolutions are great, even if we don’t […]

Dealing with Christmas Heartbreak

Christmas is almost here! Christmas is often a symbol of joy and spending time with family, but it can also be a time that brings up painful memories, feelings of loneliness, or hurt.  Hurt can reveal itself in many ways: heartbreak, unforgiveness, disappointment, depression, anger, and even disgust! If people have hurt you in the […]

She Plays with Fire

The Happy Life Women’s Conference last month was AMAZING! 🙌 I want to thank all the ladies who attended. It was unlike any other conference before—an amazing three-day encounter with God that genuinely took you from surviving to thriving! It was the perfect opportunity to get away and get refreshed!  We had LOTS of laughter, […]

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