How to Answer Controversy with Love

Facebook has been lighting up with debates, name-calling, and heated disagreements recently…  Should America open back up? Should it stay closed? Should we wear masks? Should we not? Is the media lying? Are they telling the truth? Vaccine? No vaccine?  Whew, there are a lot of passionate opinions being discussed right now! I’ve heard so […]

3 Tips for Conquering Depression

Have you been struggling with feelings of depression or loneliness? Conquering depression IS possible, and I want to give you some keys today to help you do it! COVID-19 has caused people to spend more time alone than ever. Businesses and restaurants have been shut down, churches are no longer meeting in person, and friends […]

Your Stuck-at-home Survival Guide

So you’re stuck at home… It’s time for some stuck-at-home survival tips! This spring, we have experienced a national pandemic. This is the first time in many of our lives that we have seen anything like this. Businesses are closing their doors, restaurants have been limited to takeout and delivery, and grocery stores cannot keep […]

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