God has a Plan for You!

God has a plan for you! His plan for your life is so much better than the counterfeit picture of success our culture is trying to sell!  We live in a world where we are told what to strive for, what to believe in, and how to think about things. Don’t let the culture convince […]

You have the authority!

Are you ready to discover your purpose in life?  A lot of Christians know the promises of God. They go to church every weekend and quote the right Scripture verses, but the promises of God are not visible in their lives.  Why is this?  The church loves to sing and praise God for the victory […]

How to Live a Purposeful Life

Are you tired of being dissatisfied? Do you want to live a purposeful life?  Our culture is constantly telling us ways to be happier, more successful, and more satisfied with ourselves. Most of the time, their solutions leave us feeling empty—still wanting something else. Today, I want to give you the keys to live a purposeful […]

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