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Did you know that God put you in this place at this very moment for a purpose? Do you know that God has called you to live an extraordinary life? 

I know sometimes life doesn’t feel glamorous. If you are buried in diapers, dishes, and debt, it might feel like the last place you want to be.

I’ve been there!

But I want to encourage you and let you know that being an extraordinary woman isn’t about having the perfect house or perfectly styled hair. The value of your life doesn’t depend on how you look or how many people know your name.

The extraordinary women I know are the women who can find joy in any situation. Those are the superwomen, the ones who have supernatural peace and joy, even when their circumstances hurdle everything but the kitchen sink at them.

Don’t dream about someday, live your life today! Now, I am not saying not to dream. I am saying when you live only for the future, you miss all the things God is trying to show you right now.

Trust me, the grass isn’t always greener. You might not feel special or extraordinary today, but God uses “ordinary” people to do extraordinary things! ? Go HERE for some powerful Bible verses about the plans God has for you.

Here are a few tips for living life as the extraordinary person that God created you to be!


Trust God’s Calling

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: we’ve all felt alone, myself included.

Whether it’s friendships that dissolved or business partners that broke your trust, or dreams you feel you have but can’t pursue right now, there is always a price you pay in following after the things of God.

It may not feel like you are living the glamorous, extraordinary life you want to live, but God loves you. He made you with unique gifts that are perfectly suited for a special purpose. You may feel ordinary, but God has an extraordinary call on your life.

Years ago, my husband, Gary, and I were drowning in debt and God called us to start a financial services business! Ha!

God had a call for our lives beyond our wildest dreams. I want to encourage you not to get into the mindset that you will be stuck in this season of life forever.

God is constantly preparing you for your next steps.

When I was a young woman, I had so many dreams on my heart. I wanted to be a talk show host, a world traveler, someone who influenced hundreds of thousands of people around the world. When I was a mother of five young children, and busy with homeschooling, pastoring our church and more, those dreams felt so far away. Well, guess what?

Every dream I had, happened! I AM a talk show host. I DO travel and speak to thousands of people across the globe!

But years before all that happened, I was in a 1920s broken-down farmhouse with one bathroom, and I would sit in that bathroom, which was the only room with a lock, and I would cry.

I learned a powerful lesson: feeling sorry for yourself will keep you stuck, but reaching out for the supernatural joy of God’s Holy Spirit is going to get you unstuck, so you can appreciate today and have hope for the future.

In order to go to new places in your life, you must change your thinking! ?


Do Small Things Consistently

Fill in this sentence:

If I only had more  ______________ , I could _______________.

What did you put in those blanks spaces??

Write a book? Be a stay-at-home mom? Change careers? Start a business? Scale a mountain? Swim with sharks? (I’ve done the last one by the way). ?

The only thing keeping you from your dreams is your doubts.

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I don’t have the time.”

“It’ll never happen.”

“I am just an ordinary person. I will never do extraordinary things.”

Any of these sound familiar?

If you choose to be controlled by voices of doubt and fear instead of by the Holy Spirit, those negative voices will rule your life and rob you of your God-given purpose. 

The greatest loss is the loss of one’s calling because we were listening to the wrong voices. 

You were meant to have it all, but everything has its appointed season.

If you are a mom, juggling three kids, part-time work, playdates, and school projects, it can feel like you have no time for yourself. 

But there is always an extra couple of minutes in the day, whether it is getting up 15 minutes early or staying up a little late, if all you can do is take a few minutes a day to write out your dreams, you have done more than you think! God has an extraordinary life for you to live! 

Go HERE for my Youtube teaching on the power of dreaming.

One thing that successful people have in common is that they started where they WERE with what they HAD. ? That’s all you can do too. Get STARTED. Jump in!  

God will grant you provision as you step into His purpose for your life.


When God showed Gary and I that we had never taken the time to learn how His Kingdom operated and that this was why we were in the mess we were in, our whole life changed! We stopped daydreaming and started believing for God’s big vision for our lives! God began to give us business ideas and concepts to gain prosperity. The Provision Conference series will help you step forward into your assignment and trust in God’s Provision.

When you ask God to show you how to live according to His Kingdom, your life will change! 

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