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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

—Chinese Proverb

I just love this quote! I have known so many people over the years that didn’t succeed, not because they weren’t smart or driven, but because they simply didn’t start right where they were. They were always waiting for “enough money” or “the right time.”  The most successful people I know aren’t the ones who are talking about their dreams; they are the ones doing their dreams, one small step at a time! That’s why I want to give you three easy tips for tackling your dreams! 

I don’t want you to miss out on all God has for you because taking that first step is scary or overwhelming.

Any dream, no matter how big, starts with a single step. I want to give you some tips I’ve learned over the years to help you get inspired to take that first, sometimes scary, step toward your dreams. 


Here Are My 3 Easy Tips for Tackling Your Dreams: 

You can start wherever you are and still see amazing results!

1. Dreaming About Big Wins

There is nothing wrong with big dreams IF you have a plan to achieve them.

If someone who is struggling with obesity says, “I want to be a body building champ,” that’s great, but without daily goals to keep them advancing toward their purpose, they are not likely to succeed.

Dreaming is important. My husband, Gary, and I make it a point to dream, but big dreams without action steps quickly turn into daydreams, fantasies that help us avoid reality, instead of diving into it.

Over the years, we learned that every big accomplishment is the result of a series of small, simple steps.

We also learned that we needed to go to God for the vision and ask Him to help us walk it out. Sometimes when you spend more time dreaming than asking how to achieve the dream, you start feeling stuck.

It’s setting small goals and achieving them that helps you acquire knowledge and gain momentum for future successes!

Over a period of time, you will see that it was the small steps that made all the difference.


2. Is Discipline Your Missing Ingredient?

Have you tried a few things and failed? Have you made your fair share of mistakes?

You are in the majority! We are all human. Myself included!

Don’t let your past failures destroy your hope for the future. You have to get rid of that baggage, so you can be who you are in Christ and do what He called you to do.

So often we think, “Oh, I just don’t have the discipline to achieve this,” when really it’s not a discipline issue; it’s a mind-set issue.

If you have lost any hope for a better, happier tomorrow, you are not going to have the drive, the motivation to step out of what’s comfortable and into the unknown today.

It all goes back to having the faith to dream and believe that God placed those dreams inside you for a reason.

God loves you. He made you unique; He made you with special gifts to achieve a purpose!

Don’t assume it’s a discipline issue, because that will just get you stuck in a cycle of shame. It’s a mind-set issue; it’s having no hope for the vision that is slowing you down.

I want to encourage you and assure you that getting the vision is easy! Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:7, Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

So many people have come across that Bible verse but don’t really believe it. You have to start knocking and truly believing for the blessings.

If you are having trouble getting started and being disciplined with the small tasks that will help you succeed, go to God and ask for clarification on His vision. Ask what next steps you need to take, and He will reveal the answers. He did for Gary and me, and I know He will do it for you too! He will guide you and give you tips on tackling your dreams! 


3. Avoiding Vague Goals

I find one of the biggest issues is when people who want to make changes in their lives make the mistake of setting vague goals.

For example: “I want to lose weight.” That is a very vague goal. Without knowing exactly what outcome you want, how are you supposed to know how to achieve it? Visualize your dream, then develop goals from that.

When you turn a vague desire into a specific goal, it’s so much easier to create action steps!

Instead of saying, “I want to lose weight,” a more specific goal is, “I want to lose 20 pounds in six months.” From there, you can set specific and achievable action steps.

Vague goal: lose weight. ?

Specific goal: lose 20 pounds in six months.

Action steps:

1.) Buy a gym membership.

2.) Work out three days a week.

3.) Download a fitness app.

4.) Set a desired daily calorie intake, and input my calories for the day.

You might be saying, “But Drenda, I can’t afford a gym membership,” or “I don’t have the time.”

Here is another one of my favorite quotes:

“A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.”

—John Burroughs

The only thing standing between you and the life you want is YOU.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but this is the truth. When you rehearse excuses, instead of living your best, happiest life, God has nothing to do with it. It’s a mind-set issue.

Stop the negative self-talk.

Go to God’s Word.

See yourself through God’s eyes, and your self-image will change.

Don’t tune in to the voices of the culture that seek to make you feel like you are not enough. Start using these easy tips for tackling your dreams today!

You were created in God’s image. He loves you. He created you with an amazing purpose, and He is counting on you to walk it out with joy, courage, and trust that He who called you to it will walk you through it! Amen! 


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