Do You Have the Courage for Increase?

By Gary Keesee I think that Christians get confused sometimes. We look for things to be easy. But God never ...

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How to Go to the Next Level. This is Your Access to a Better Way.

Imagine you needed to get somewhere to take care of something really important, and you had just two options for ...

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Have You Had It All Wrong? This is a Promise.

For years, I’ve heard Christians say, “I believe God is going to heal me,” or “I’m waiting on God to hea...

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Can You Really Have Peace? Yes, You Absolutely Can.

What does peace look like for you? There was a children’s book that came out years ago about Mrs. La...

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What Do You See? 4 Tips to Help You Have the Right Perspective

She thought of the dirty diaper, the screaming baby, the dropped cake… I saw a video recently that made a re...

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Want an Amazing Life? You Need to Know This

So you want an amazing life? You need to know this: You can. What's stopping you? What’s keeping you fr...

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